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In response to these challenges the SVETLANA project has been initiated with the objective to develop an advanced flight data analysis philosophy. The main objectives are:

To improve flight safety.

SVETLANA will design an automated and standardised flight data management cycle that is capable of processing routinely large amounts of data from various sources in order to improve flight safety evaluation.

To improve maintenance support.

The customisation of the FDM cycle expects additional benefits to support smart maintenance processes, as airline operations and maintenance departments will be informed about a potentially unsafe situation and how to detect it.

To analyse more flight data to a more extensive level.

This will lead to the reduction of expert involvement by qualifying the singularities detected automatically (and not preselected by experts). As a result, human intervention will be used only to validate critical decisions for flight safety and maintenance enhancements.

To provide feedback to inform stakeholders and improve FDM process.

SVETLANA will refine the search of singularities that have not been selected for immediate risk mitigation. The most appropriate parameters to monitor will be selected and, when possible, confirm the event.

To update FDM process to enhance flight data analysis.

This method is a real innovative approach as it develops the FDM process to adapt to new trends.