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08 February 2013

The contest "Aircraft manufacturers of the Year" : Nomination of Svetlana project !

The award ceremony was opened by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and the Advisory Board of the competition, General Director of FSUE "TsAGI" Boris Aleshin. In his speech, Boris S. congratulated all the participants, emphasized the importance of promoting the achievement in all areas of aviation, and expressed confidence in the active participation of enterprises and organizations of the aviation industry in the next contest at the end of 2011.

The first awards were given to the participants in the category for the organization of training and retraining of young professionals to the scientific and industrial structures, "where the winner was" Rostvertol ", second place went to the Moscow Aviation Institute, the third - JSC" Tupolev ". Winner and winners received awarded by the General Director of JSC "Corporation" Tactical Missiles "Boris Obnosova and Marshal, President of NP" Safety "Yevgeny Shaposhnikov.

In the "Preparing the next generation of aircraft industry" awards and certificates were presented by the Deputy Head of the Industrial Policy of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and the business of the Government of Moscow, Anna Brineva and chairman of the committee on development of aerospace industry CCI Minister Alexander Belousov. The winner here was the Moscow Aviation Institute, in second place was Don State Technical University, the third place was taken by a professor of Omsk State Technical University, Viktor Kuznetsov.

In the next category - "For International Cooperation" - won a victory of "Beriev. Beriev", second place went to Igor Morozov, Director for Foreign Trade of FSUE "GosNIIAS", and the third place was shared by JSC "UAC" (in collaboration with Sagem Défense Sécurité, France and Lancaster University, UK) and the writing team consisting of Alexander and Tatiana Verhovinin Musatov (JSC "GIPRONIIAVIAPROM").

In the "foreign partner Russian aircraft builders" all participants ahead of the managing director of research and aerospace associations ALR-Aerospace (Switzerland) George Bridel, 2nd and 3rd place shared between the Institute of industrial control and automation to them. Fraunhofer (Germany) and managing director of ASIS (Germany) Michael Mut. Winners and laureates awarded the Secretary General of NP "Union aircraft manufacturers" (NP "SAP") and Yevgeny Fedosov Deputy Secretary General of NP "SAP" Sergey Chernyshev.

In the nomination "For coverage of aviation in the media," won a victory "Studio" Wings of Russia. "At the 2nd place - Moscow Aviation Institute. Congratulated the winners of the Chairman of the Club of Heroes of Zhukovsky Gennady Ireykin and General Director of JSC" Aviatehpriemka " Vladimir Evdokimov.

General Director of JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" Vadim Ligay won hands-down victory in the nomination "For contribution to the development of the aviation industry." Winner congratulated President of the NP "Union aircraft manufacturers" Koptev. In the "For long-term success of the industry" was the best advisor to the President of JSC "Tupolev" Alexander Shengardt, awarded President of the trade union of workers of the aviation industry Nikolai Soloviev.

In the nomination "For contribution to the development of the regulatory framework for aviation and
" won a victory FSUE "BRE", 2nd place went to JSC "RAC" MiG ", in 3rd place - writing team consisting of: Tatiana Tokarev, Sergei Shchennikov and Natalia Serzhenko ("Rostvertol"). winner and winners received awards from the President of the Organizing Committee Boris Aleshin and Vice President of the Bank "Novikombank" Natalia Yudina.

OJSC "Airline" Russia "won in the nomination" For the best aircraft operating domestic production. "At the 2nd place - JSC" Vladivostok Avia ", third place went to CJSC" Red Wings. "Awards were presented in the nomination of the Commission President Civil Aviation Public Council Rostransnadzor Oleg Smirnov, Chairman of IAC Anatoly Kruglov.

Deputy General Director of Sales and Service JSC "Helicopters of Russia" Igor Wheat gives award in the nomination "For the creation of a new scientific model of a physical phenomenon or a process", where 1 st place of senior researcher FSUE "TsAGI" Alexander Kuryachy. 2nd place - at the Southern Scientific Center RAS, third place went to the creative team composed of: Sergey Shevtsov, Michael Fleck, Paul Oganesyan, Igor Zhilyaev (Southern Federal University, "Rostvertol").

In the category "Best Innovation Project" awards conducted Advisor to General Director of "Rostekhnologii" Alexei Fyodorov, Director of innovation and high technology of the State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)" Oleg Demidov. 1st place is divided JSC "NAZ" Sokol "and LLC" NPPF spectrum. "FSUE" GosNIIGA "took third place.

In the "For the creation of new technology" became the winner of FSUE "CIAM. Baranov", at the 2nd place - Eugene Theophilus (JSC "Kamov") 3rd place - Aida Hurumovoy (FSUE "BRE" ). Congratulated the winners of State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergey Shtogrin and President, General Designer of "CBSI" Givi Janjgava.

In the "For success in building systems and components for aircraft" awards were presented by Deputy General Director of JSC "OPK" Oboronprom "Vasily Lapotko and Head of Special Projects of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company Timur Azerny. Gained a victory here of" SPE "Aeros'; on 2nd place - JSC "NAZ" Sokol ", at the 3rd place - FSUE" SibNIA them. SA Chaplygin. "

OJSC "NPP" Aeros' celebrated victory in the nomination "For achievements in the development of aircraft and components (EDO year)". 2nd place here got FSUE "St. Petersburg bureau" Elektroavtomatika "them. PA Efimova, 3rd place - of PKO "Heat."

In the "For the creation of a new model" was the best of JSC "Beriev. Beriev." At the 2nd place was the LLC "Ekranoplanostroitelnoe Association" Orion ", third place went to" Tupolev "PSC. Congratulated the winners of the widow Gromov Nina G. Gromov and President of CJSC" Engines "Vladimir Klimov - Motor Sich" Anatoly Sitnov.

Concluded the ceremony nomination "For the quality of aircraft," where awards are given to a member of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Chestnut, and the Director of the Directorate of military aircraft programs of "KLA" Vladimir Mikhailov. The winner in this category was JSC "RAC" MiG ", 2nd place went to JSC" CVTs "Technology."

Despite a century of Russian aviation industry, such a competition was held for the first time.

The founders of the competition were: NP "Union aircraft manufacturers", JSC "UAC", JSC "MC" UEC ", JSC" Helicopters of Russia "and ZAO" JSCB "Novikombank."

General Partner: State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)".

Official partners: OAO "Aviatehpriemka", JSC "Uralelectromed" (subsidiary of "UMMC") and JSC "Kamensk-Steel Works."

The competition is supported by the Government of Moscow, GC "Russian Technologies" and the Russian Engineering Union.

The Organizing Committee and the Supervisory Board of NP "SAP" congratulate winners and thank all the participants.


Source: NP "Union aircraft manufacturers."