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31.12.12 : End of the project

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The SVETLANA project is an EC-Russia cooperation in the field of aviation safety and maintenance improvement. The project is aimed at improving the capabilities of flight data monitoring programmes for civil aviation by using the EC-Russian synergy.


ED48 Sagem’s flight monitoring and recording system, which allows quick flight data retrieval on the ground.

The aviation industry is continuously challenged to even further improve the aviation safety record. An important instrument in this field is expected to be the introduction of new advances in flight data monitoring programs.

Over the recent years the volume of recorded flight data has increased so significantly that analysis tools are challenged to keep up with all the data available.

Although the Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) systems of today allow operators to gain a good understanding of their flight operation, the full potential of the available data can often not be released due to limitations in analysis capacity.

Especially, deeper analysis of each flight has proven to be: the need for an important amount of expert involvement, the lack of analysis standards and the current practice of using predefined analysis models.

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02 January 2012

The SVETLANA publishable summary M8 is now available in the Press Room

02 January 2012

The SVETLANA publishable summary M14 is now available in the Press Room

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